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Swap Meet Rules

Restricted Items:

NO Hand guns of firearms, obscene materials, nor spray paint

Management may limit or prohibit other items it may deem unfit for sale.

General Rules:

  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.
  • No alcohol allowed (neither in open or closed containers)
  • No open fire allowed
  • No unleashed animals
  • All sellers must comply with all California State Board of Equalization regulations, having the necessary permits.
  • All food sellers must comply with all local and state health , and local and state food and ag laws, getting all necessary permits and certificates as they apply to their selling here.
  • All selling area must be kept clean. ALl trash and debris must be removed from your selling area before leaving.
  • Sellers are responsible for removing their own trash. Do NOT use the trash cans, These are for the customers.
  • Sellers must comply with the reporting of item with serial numbers (Form OCCIB 56-57).
  • Vehicle traffic restricted on grounds. One vehicle per space. No "ins and outs" nor changing of vehicles.
  • Management reserves the right to inspect any and all packages, vehicles, and containers coming into the event.
  • No rainchecks or refunds
  • Tickets valid for the date of sale or reservation only
  • Reservations made one week in advance only.
  • Even occurs rain or shine, blistering hot of freezing cold



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